Aim has been Retired
On December 15th 2017 AOL Instant Messenger was permanently retired. In order to continue to bring you the same service you've always enjoyed we've implemented our own chat service.
Easy Signup
Signing up for our new chat service is extremely easy.
In the lower right corner you should see a chat window that has 2 tabs at the top one saying 'Sign In' and the other 'Register'.
  1. Click Register!
  2. Enter your desired Username, don't forget this you'll need it later.
  3. Enter a Name... no we don't really care what you put here.
  4. Enter an Email Address, yes a valid one!
  5. Enter a Password, again don't forget this you'll need it later.
  6. Click Register!
  7. When you register you'll automatically be logged in.
Xabber Platform: Android, Web
Xabber is an Open-source XMPP client for Android and Web.

The web version of Xabber ( can be used in any modern browser and is a solid alternative to our own web client here on
Spark [ download ] Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac
Spark is an easy to use Jabber (XMPP) IM Client.
Spark is specifically designed for Jabber and is designed by the same group responsible for Openfire. Openfire is the server software that powers our IMs.
Two Ways to Chat
The First Way - To keep things simple we'll be providing links to this site and in some cases integrating chat directly into our sites allowing quick and easy access to chat.
The Second Way - There's actually a ton of different IM and messaging clients that you can use your new login with. Spark is one such client and is 100% compatible with our server but there are many others and we'll beadding some of them on this page in the near future.
Newly registered users will automatically have access to a number of groups. These groups represent one of our seven main sites. The operators usernames are very simply their names. You can create your own groups and add other XMPP users to your buddy list but our default groups are persistent and will be restored each time you login.